Plastic bottle tops on 24" monitor backlight

Bottled It (2015)

Looking up through the winter branches of a large plane tree in negative

London Plane (2012)

Photo of white, three-bladed wind turbine in a field with blue sky and white clouds

Black mountain turbine 1 (2017)

Photograph of brown seaweeds and pebbles on a beach

Lindisfarne Harbour (2013)

A photograph of one quadrant of a still life using coal, black and white gravel and rock oyster shells

Oyster Rays NW (2013)

Electricity pylon tall against mackerel sky

Pylon Wales (2017)

Floating Sand (2016)

Contrast-boosted photo of evening clouds in grey and pink against a blue sky

Over the top (2017)

Landscape photo of mainly yellow and brown beech tree leaves on stony ground

Clapham beech (2017)

Patchwork of fields fade into distance beneath white and grey clouds

Cloud mouth (2017)

Filtered sky (2017)

Fowey House (2005)

Five big white houses stand atop the headland at Fowey harbour with dark green sea and a mottled cloudy blue sky

Fowey from the water (2012)

View of grey sea through 4-bar rustic fence

Lindisfarne Fence (2013)

Woods 1 (2006)

Splattery multicoloured abstract

Earth Flag (2017)

Close up photograph of fishing-boat mooring rope coils

Lindisfarne Rope (2013)

Underwater tufa (2017)

Close up of palm leaf veins in green

Wisley Palm (2015)

Ash tree and clouds (2017)

Ash tree and clouds (2017)

A horse-chestnut seed pod with long spikes on grass

Conker Shell (2012)

Photography of trees, landscapes and transient art using recycled materials that would otherwise be waste