Flaming yellow and red continents lie upside down in a black ocean poster
Graphic text-based motivational poster
A young woman with long dark hair dancing in a long white dress. The stage lighting makes it look pink with white blobs. The backdrop is of lots of white circles of light
Red and green stylized geometric humans fighting
Tropical fish-form in bright oil pastels on beige background
Black hybrid thermometer spanner on yellow
Stage show poster 2007 Two solarized colour-negative heads, one sideways and one with fangs bared and tour date text
Leaning skyscrapers stage lighting, Jersey Arts Centre 2007. Two buildings gobos, yellow and green gels create huge backdrop of leaning tower blocks
Squiggly coloured lines in blue frame on white
Bands of smoky olive green, beige, dark blue and crimson cross sideways and fall off near the right end
Drill-tip end-on view logo with T and C bent to fit
Aerosol mural of flowers on subterranean wall
Poster black background with solarised fir-tree filled lettering
Photograph of about forty mainly green, one red, milk botle tops lit by a backlight
Red black and green screenprinted poster of tilting skyscrapers and rioting crowds
Poster with photo of woman in fantastic pineapple dress costume
Arching jungle mural with animals in the trees
Block of blue sky, burnt orange sun and sandy-gradient desert as separate blocks on white canvas
Big colourful trade union banner 2016 raised fists, political flags, rainbow background
Fish-based unity is strength message banner design
A photograph of a still life sunflower using coal, black and white gravel and rock oyster shells
Red circle with NYP in white outlined in black
Poster with the exhaust from a cartoon car goes up a suspended nose and makes an eye cry
Splattery multicoloured textured abstract painting
Poster with colourful rooster dancing before a sunflower
Stylized clown face printed black on white poster paper
Black and white lettering on red, t-shirt design about a famous Man. U goal
Black and white waves framed in red then white then black
College theatre tour shows poster
Cartoon shop sign with old man, young woman and baby
Political fund-raiser poster in mainly red and blue with mainly yellow lettering
Stage show poster 2008 with faces in washing machine windows, the back of a flamenco and tour date text
Afro hair tree and red Y shape logo with lettering
Wobbly Bridget Riley imitation attempt
Political fund-raising event poster in mainly red and black with mainly white lettering
Political poster in blue, pink and mainly white text
College theatre shows tour poster 2005
Black stencilled warning sign on galvanised steel sheet
Red fluffy and needly background poster, with too much text
Primary school disco poster 2001
Five young women dancing in heels and skirts on stage in front of a huge red and white floral projected backdrop